Monday, 10 May 2010

Numbnut Award

It's really not hard to find bad cycling in London, Paddedshorts has made a collection of them here, but after today I think I'd like to award my very own Numbnut award.

Going to work this morning I was passing through a busy and complicated city junction in rush hour when, in front of me as I was stopped by the light, sailed a guy, apparently texting on his phone. I say apparently because of what comes later. Anyway, he was looking at his phone and pushing buttons as he was riding. I caught up with him a short way down the road, he was still busy with his phone.

Much as though I rarely say anything, I couldn't help myself: "Don't ever complain about a car driver texting - what you were doing ranks as one of the stupidest things I have ever seen". It was then his girlfriend, riding with him, piped up in a very injured tone "He was looking where to go, we don't know where we are". Saints preserve us, let's hope dumb and dumber don't ever procreate.

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  1. You've definitely got superior idiots than I do. All I see is the occasional wrong-way, sidewalk rider, and a few ninja in the dark.


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