Sunday, 16 May 2010

The Sweet Smell of .....


I had wanted to say "success" but I'm not quite there yet.

As you may be aware, I have a running battle with bikes and London, London normally wins, wear is right on the far edge of what you have a right to expect. The one before last chain snapped in use, as I neglected it for too long and had to replace the cassette, too. So, the last chain I lavished care on, using expensive "ceramic" lube, cleaning it and generally cosseting it. And if anything, it has lasted less time. So, I have bought some Chain-L No. 5 (could there be a better name?), having heard good things about it. It arrived very quickly and well wrapped, whipping open the package I got that wonderful lubricant whiff that anyone who has worked on pre-war engines will know and love, I'm told it's sulphur.

I replaced the Shimano chain with a SRAM (for the "power link"), followed the instructions for the lube and it has all gone together well, and early indications are positive. Unfortunately, I must have left the old chain on too long (it went from 0.75% to 1% in about 100 miles) and the wear on the cassette means that it's jumping like crazy in 6-8, the gears I use most. So, another cassette.

While I was at it, I discovered that the BB is shot, too. That's a sealed unit - the SRAM Truvativ GXP, I'm not sure that I really like that, it's lasted only two years. However changing it involves changing the cranks, too by the look of it. Oh yes, and anyone is welcome to pass an opinion on the state of my carbon fork (especially Steve ;-) )



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  1. It does not appear to me that the damage has penetrated through the outer ply of carbon and doesn't really look like an impact - more like a gouge. The way to know for sure is to proof load the fork to ensure it retains adequate strength. Standard EN14781 specifies that any fork shall be capable of taking fatigue bending loads of 620N. Statically, it'd need to take 1200N. Since you don't want to break a good fork, I'd go with the lower number and apply the load ten or twenty times. for details.


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